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Du site Open Culture Archive : Voici, gratuitement, l`oeuvre complète de Jean-Sébastien Bach, à écouter ou à télécharger, pour le plus grand plaisir des amateurs de ce grand compositeur musical. 

   ¨ "The best proof we have that life is good is that to each of us, on the day we are born, comes the music of Johann Sebastian Bach," writes J.M. Coetzee in Diary of a Bad Year. "It comes as a gift, unearned, unmerited, for free." While the respected novelist voiced that thought, as he often does, through a highly opinionated protagonist, I can't help but suspect that author and character to some extent agree on this. Some of us discover Bach right away, in childhood; others do it much later. And whether or not we've earned or merited his music, it now comes to us more freely than ever¨...